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This outfit is made up of clothes entirely from Choies - it's a little bit funky and out-there but I love it and I would definitely wear it every day if only it was mine! I particularly love the peace print shirts, shirts are a big YES right now! And as I mention in almost every post, I do love midi skirts and chunky heels - these shoes are silver as well which makes them even funkier! I think I use the word funky too much. 

Repeat Colourful Anti-War Print Shirt - Choies, £11.39
Pink Pleated Midi Skirt - Choies, £19.19
Laser Leather Platform Shoes - Choies, £80.99
Floral Gemstone Charm Necklace - Choies, £7.79
Heart Shaped Sunglasses with Metal Lace Frames - £11.39