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I'm really getting into the chic yet interesting look - although unfortunately I can't actually afford any new clothes - there's lots of stuff that I really really want! So here is my current (yet ever-changing) wishlist:

I want the coat and the Cosmos dress and the tote bag so much :(

Pale Blue Duster Jacket - ASOS, £60
Cream Feather Beanie Hat - River Island, £13
Pink Palm Print Boxy Shirt - New Look, £8
Navy Mottled Denim Tube Skirt - New Look, £9
Light Pink Metallic Cut-Out Tote Bag - River Island, £45
Cosmos Dress with Collar Detail - Lazy Oaf, £55
Buckle Cut-Out Chunky Boot - Boohoo, £18
Calculations T-Shirt - Lazy Oaf, £10
Bobtail Shirt Dress in Sheer White - Motel, £49