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I don't know why socks and sandals are considered to be the biggest fashion mistake you can ever make... they look so cute together! I really need to start doing some more proper outfit posts but I just don't have the time right now so cute pictures from my instagram will have to do. I actually wanted to take photos of an outfit today but anyone in the UK will know that we are having some crazy weather right now! I stepped out of the front door for 2 minutes and had to abandon my shopping trip and go back home! Sigh. Plus I had a chemical peel so I'm going to look like some weird sun burnt zombie for the next week now. Looks like I won't be able to take pictures for a while. Anyway, hope you all appreciate the socks and sandals. The sandals were from Primark - their shoes are actually really impressing me lately! And the socks are from Topshop. Topshop are literally the place to be if you want cute socks because they do loads! Love them! Oh p.s. if you like this then follow my instagram @iamnicrose and you wont be disappointed!



Heeeeeeey guys. I have another cute photo for you. This time it's of my phone case and my iPad case - I just thought they looked really good together! I think they say a lot about me as a person though, mainly that I'm probably way too unhealthy and a little bit obsessed with food! I'm actually trying to diet right now but so far I haven't even had one healthy day, It's not my fault that all the bad stuff is so delicious! *cries* I literally love this phone case, it's so fun and is really handy because I have a bad habit of dropping and breaking my phone on a regular basis! And the iPad case is from Head Case Designs - if you have any devices then I would definitely recommend checking them out. They do all sorts of cases and they come in literally zillions of designs, I've got my eye on a cute glittery one!



So I did a post the other day about how I wanted loads of stuff from Jaded London and I just couldn't help myself! I bought this beautiful shiny skirt and it's literally so beautiful! It came yesterday and I literally haven't taken it off since I got it! Jaded are like my new favourite thing, all of their clothes are so cool, they all come in such funky prints and materials. Plus I love midi skirts so this was perfect for me! I'm wearing it with a black crop top from Topshop and my red and black fur coat from Boohoo which I haven't worn in absolutely ages! I completely forgot that I had it but it's actually quite nice and really cosy so I think I'm going to start wearing it again!

 I quite like these pictures, I think the location is kind of cool. I'm rubbish at thinking of places to take pictures but I think I'm going to start being a bit more adventurous as these turned out really well. Even though there was an old man walking past and staring! Oh well!



So once again there is so much stuff that I want to buy. I really think I need to get help for my shopping addiction. I love anything different or cute and sparkly and I have literally just this second fallen in love with these Ragged Priest jeans! They say 'moody' in sequins and everything about them is just amazing, it's literally like they were made for me. I also reaaaaaally want the 'dump him' t-shirt from Illustrated People - it's probably one of the sassiest things I've ever seen. Now I just want to cry because this combination of things I want to buy is so beautiful and I am poor right now, (got paid last Friday, spent all on clothes) *cries*. So now I have to decide what I want to buy next payday, I need to limit my spending so I'm thinking either the Jaded London sequin jacket or the 'moody' jeans. mmmmmmmm



I kind of just wanted to share this photo cause it's kind of cute. I love socks and sandals together, they are a definite YES in my book. Especially if said socks and sandals are pink! These particular socks are from Huf and they come in a zillion different colours and the shoes are from Topshop. They are velvet and soooo pretty and I love them.



Hi guys. Everyone has been wearing pom pom earrings recently and I really wanted some so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's actually surprisingly easy so you could probably make them even if you're not very crafty, and they look super cute! 

All you need it some wool in whatever colours you like, two earring fish hooks, some curb chain and some split rings (see second photo!). All of these things are available on eBay for like 99p so they're really inexpensive to make. The first step is to make the actual pom poms - unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the making process but I'll tell you how to do it anyway! They look really difficult to make but they are so easy!

Step 1:  Okay so the easiest way to start off is to make them with a fork - this makes small pom poms but once you get the hang of it, you can find bigger objects to use! Get a really long piece of wool and begin to wrap it around the prongs of the fork. You need to wrap the fork quite tightly, and you need to do this 30-40 times. 

Step 2: Once you've done this, cut the end of the wool, keeping the wool you've just wrapped in place. Then take another piece of wool (about 6 inches long) and thread it through the bottom of the fork (in the center gap) so that you can tie it around the wrapped wool. Tie it tightly! Then slide the wool off the fork. 

Step 3: Take some scissors and cut all of the little loops around the edge of the pom pom. *Make sure you don't cut the two long bits of wool from when you tied the wrapped wool!* The pom pom will look quite messy, so then take your scissors and trim the strands that are sticking out so that it's a nice round shape. Then get your earring supplies!

Step 4: Attach a jump ring to one of the fish hook earrings (see photo 3!). Then measure out your curb chain, depending on how short or dangly you want your earrings to be - mine were about 12 links. Then attach the curb chain to the jump ring (see photo 4!). Finally, attach a second jump ring to the end of the chain, and then using the two long bits of wool left on your pom pom, tie the pom pom to the second jump ring. Knot it a few times and then cut the long bits of wool so it looks nice and neat. Repeat for the second pom pom and voila! Pom pom earrings!

I feel like I haven't explained that very well so you might want to look around he internet for a better explanation of how to make the actual pom poms, but that's the general idea! As I said, once you're happy with the process you can think about making different colours and sizes - I really want to make some hot pink and lime green ones! If you have any questions, comment on this post and I'll reply as soon as I can!



A while ago I bought a sweatshirt from Jaded London via ASOS, but I'd never really looked into the brand too much until I saw it popping up in various places across the web and thought I'd have a look... and oh my god...  !!!! *squeals* !!!! It is amazing! I love shiny things and sparkly things and velvet things and their website is literally like my personal heaven! I really want like everything, especially these four up there ^ The mermaid sequin bomber jacket is the most perfect thing I have ever seen in my life.  And the silver midi is the second most perfect. Now I just need to find a way to make like £250 so I can buy it all! Hmmmmm



Don't laugh at my poor photoshop skills, ok? I tried! I've seen so many people wearing flares recently and it makes me happy. I love a good retro trend. I don't have any yet but much to my boyfriend's dismay, I fully intend to get some. He says they look like they're for losers - clearly he hasn't seen all the sassy and super hot bloggers who were wearing them at LFW and such. I really really want some of the crazy patterned colourful ones and the best ones are from Rokoko (cool brand discovered via ASOS) but literally all of them are out of stock! I am crying into my chicken and mushroom pot noodle right now. I'm just praying that they come back in stock soon, I'm going to check like every day. They would look so cute with a halterneck crop top and platforms! Ahhhh I'm freaking out right now I just want them so bad :( help





So once again I had to attempt to take my own pictures and it sucked but I will definitely have proper outdoors legit photos for my next outfit post. That is a promise. Even though it's cold outside.

This outfit is kind of cute. The skirt is so fun to wear, it's all swishy and pretty and it makes me feel like a fairy. I bought it ages ago but I haven't really worn it that much because there's not many occasions that require one to look like a fairy. Never mind. This skirt actually comes in loads of colours, or it did, I'm no sure if ASOS are still selling it but I am gong to look right now.  Yesss they have it in lilac, pastel pink, pastel blue, navy and a really pretty deep red! AND they're in the sale! *hyperventilates* The top I am wearing is just a standard high neck crop top but I've been a bit obsessed with it lately, I've been wearing it with everything! I'm really developing an obsession with high necks and turtle necks. They are tooooo cute.