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Don't laugh at my poor photoshop skills, ok? I tried! I've seen so many people wearing flares recently and it makes me happy. I love a good retro trend. I don't have any yet but much to my boyfriend's dismay, I fully intend to get some. He says they look like they're for losers - clearly he hasn't seen all the sassy and super hot bloggers who were wearing them at LFW and such. I really really want some of the crazy patterned colourful ones and the best ones are from Rokoko (cool brand discovered via ASOS) but literally all of them are out of stock! I am crying into my chicken and mushroom pot noodle right now. I'm just praying that they come back in stock soon, I'm going to check like every day. They would look so cute with a halterneck crop top and platforms! Ahhhh I'm freaking out right now I just want them so bad :( help