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So once again there is so much stuff that I want to buy. I really think I need to get help for my shopping addiction. I love anything different or cute and sparkly and I have literally just this second fallen in love with these Ragged Priest jeans! They say 'moody' in sequins and everything about them is just amazing, it's literally like they were made for me. I also reaaaaaally want the 'dump him' t-shirt from Illustrated People - it's probably one of the sassiest things I've ever seen. Now I just want to cry because this combination of things I want to buy is so beautiful and I am poor right now, (got paid last Friday, spent all on clothes) *cries*. So now I have to decide what I want to buy next payday, I need to limit my spending so I'm thinking either the Jaded London sequin jacket or the 'moody' jeans. mmmmmmmm


  1. Love these! I'm also super bad with money because whenever I have it I notice so many clothes to buy.

  2. I totally know what you mean about getting help for shopping addiction :) I love the jacket.