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So once again I had to attempt to take my own pictures and it sucked but I will definitely have proper outdoors legit photos for my next outfit post. That is a promise. Even though it's cold outside.

This outfit is kind of cute. The skirt is so fun to wear, it's all swishy and pretty and it makes me feel like a fairy. I bought it ages ago but I haven't really worn it that much because there's not many occasions that require one to look like a fairy. Never mind. This skirt actually comes in loads of colours, or it did, I'm no sure if ASOS are still selling it but I am gong to look right now.  Yesss they have it in lilac, pastel pink, pastel blue, navy and a really pretty deep red! AND they're in the sale! *hyperventilates* The top I am wearing is just a standard high neck crop top but I've been a bit obsessed with it lately, I've been wearing it with everything! I'm really developing an obsession with high necks and turtle necks. They are tooooo cute.


  1. Loving this outfit!

  2. I kind of really need that skirtvin my life, I love it! X