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This dress isn't vulgar it is beautiful, it's just that the company I bought it from is called Vulgar Sheffield and they are amazing because they have the best vintage dresses ever! As soon as I saw this one I knew I had to have it but I didn't have any money so I asked Vulgar to reserve it for me and thankfully they did! I love how retro the pattern is, the only word I can think of to describe it is lively haha! And I love anything colourful and midi length so me and this dress are a perfect match!

I'm also wearing my new pom pom necklace which was sent to me from Polly'n'Ogg, I bought an amazing pink fur coat from them and when I opened it this cute lil necklace fell out! I'm obsessed with pom poms at the moment (I think everyone is!) but this necklace has big ones and small ones and glittery ones and fluffy ones and beads !!! I love it and I think I might have to keep it on forever! I'm also wearing frilly socks and my beautiful pink velvet platforms from Topshop. I'm really becoming addicted to Topshop shoes - I'm actually planning to buy all of the pastel geek shoes that they do when I get my student loan next week. I think it's meant to pay for living costs but when clothes are your life what else can you do!?



Hey guuuuuuuys, so today we went to Delamere forest and when you go somewhere pretty you have to take photo, it's the rule! And it ended up being really sunny which was nice obviously but it ruined my packed lunch because there's nothing more disappointing than a warm cheese and pickle sandwich :( It was literally so pretty though and there wasn't many people around so we had a really cool day just chilling in the forest.

I am wearing my favourite cat bralet, not that I have more than one cat bralet, it's just my favourite bralet and it has cats on, okay! It's velvet and I got it like last year from Lazy Oaf, I don't think you ca get it from their website anymore but you might be able to get it from one of their stockist so I''m going to have a look for you in a minute! My skirt is the Topshop Kirada jacquard skirt and it's so pretty!  I love midi skirts and it's such good quality as well, I get so many compliments on it! And of course I'm wearing my Nikes - comfort and style for a long day of walking haha



I don't look great today but I really wanted to take pictures because I dyed my hair bright pink and also because I hadn't photographed my new cloud jacket yet and I really wanted to because it's just so cute! Plus it was a really sunny day and I wanted to go out so we walked down to the river and sat in these lovely fields for a bit! I dyed my hair last night, it wasn't planned but I was looking through some old stuff and I found a tub of Directions hair dye in Cerise so I just went for it! I'm really happy with how it came out, its so bright, I love it!

So this is the cloud jacket that I've been so excited about, it's from Style Moi and it took absolutely ages to come but now it's finally here and I'm very happy with it! I didn't know what to wear it with and I was in a bit of a rush to get out into the sun to be honest so I just threw on a black crop top and scuba skirt. Oh and I'm also wearing my new white platforms, they are ridiculously huge and I nearly broke my ankle like 6776 times on this field but at least they look cute! You have to suffer to look good huh

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Hey everyone, just another quick cute photo of my new platforms! I have wanted some white cleated platforms like this for like EVER! I actually didn't mean to buy them, I got drunk one night and checked my emails the next day and I had an email saying "thank you for your order" 🙈 I have no regrets though. They are really difficult to walk in but they are just so cute! Plus they are velcro which is kind of retro. They're from Pretty Little Thing, I don't usually shop there but they have a few cute items. Link for these shoes is here!

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I get my last installment of student loan in like 2 weeks and I'm a bit worried that I'm going to spend it all straight away on clothes, but then again, clothes are worth it! There's always a huge list of things I want and this is just a few of them, I don't know why I decided to make a mini wishlist instead of a big one - I just did, ok! Maybe I'll make another one tomorrow, it's Easter Sunday tomorrow and I'm going to be sat in my flat by myself eating a Pot Noodle - yay life!

Anyway, some of the stuff on my wishlist is from Minga London which might possibly be a new fave brand. I love the mermaidy sea shell crop top which would be the perfect match for the Skinnydip shell bag I've got my eye on. I really want the tie-dye body suit as well, it would look so cute under like a sheer iridescent dress but I can't find one anywhere. Am I the only one who thinks of designs for clothes in my head and then gets sad when I can't find anyone who makes it? Oh and also I really want this denim skirt from Topshop, its adorable and would literally look good with like everything!

P.S. My Photoshop free trial ran out and I made this on paint, let's all pretend it looks amazing, ok?

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So I thought it was about time that I did another outfit post, even though this outfit is actually really boring for me - I usually dress in a million different crazy colours but in a way I kind of like the black and white. Wearing jumpers over dresses is something that I've started doing loads as well, partly because it looks kinda cute and partly because it's still so cold! When does summer start?! I suppose it is getting a bit sunnier now which is awesome because I can get away with wearing sunglasses again, and every outfit looks better with sunglasses!

So today I am wearing a cute maxi dress from Topshop which I love, I've been wearing it so much lately! And I'm wearing it with this cropped jumper from Missguided which personally I think is adorable! I've had it a while, I think Missguided actually bought it out like last Halloween but I haven't really worn it! I really need to stop buying clothes and not wearing them! Anyway this jumper is actually on sale now so if you like it, go grab a bargain! I'm also wearing boots from Primark, Topshop sunnies and of course my trusty Lazy Oaf Garfield backpack. Note to self: buy more handbags!