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I get my last installment of student loan in like 2 weeks and I'm a bit worried that I'm going to spend it all straight away on clothes, but then again, clothes are worth it! There's always a huge list of things I want and this is just a few of them, I don't know why I decided to make a mini wishlist instead of a big one - I just did, ok! Maybe I'll make another one tomorrow, it's Easter Sunday tomorrow and I'm going to be sat in my flat by myself eating a Pot Noodle - yay life!

Anyway, some of the stuff on my wishlist is from Minga London which might possibly be a new fave brand. I love the mermaidy sea shell crop top which would be the perfect match for the Skinnydip shell bag I've got my eye on. I really want the tie-dye body suit as well, it would look so cute under like a sheer iridescent dress but I can't find one anywhere. Am I the only one who thinks of designs for clothes in my head and then gets sad when I can't find anyone who makes it? Oh and also I really want this denim skirt from Topshop, its adorable and would literally look good with like everything!

P.S. My Photoshop free trial ran out and I made this on paint, let's all pretend it looks amazing, ok?

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