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Hey guuuuuuuys, so today we went to Delamere forest and when you go somewhere pretty you have to take photo, it's the rule! And it ended up being really sunny which was nice obviously but it ruined my packed lunch because there's nothing more disappointing than a warm cheese and pickle sandwich :( It was literally so pretty though and there wasn't many people around so we had a really cool day just chilling in the forest.

I am wearing my favourite cat bralet, not that I have more than one cat bralet, it's just my favourite bralet and it has cats on, okay! It's velvet and I got it like last year from Lazy Oaf, I don't think you ca get it from their website anymore but you might be able to get it from one of their stockist so I''m going to have a look for you in a minute! My skirt is the Topshop Kirada jacquard skirt and it's so pretty!  I love midi skirts and it's such good quality as well, I get so many compliments on it! And of course I'm wearing my Nikes - comfort and style for a long day of walking haha


  1. cool outfit! really authentic! I love your croptop! I would love to wear them but it does not look that good on me :(


  2. That cat bralet is really cute! Meow.

  3. I love your skirt and the cat bralette looks so cute :)

    Sarah |