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Hey everyone, just another quick cute photo of my new platforms! I have wanted some white cleated platforms like this for like EVER! I actually didn't mean to buy them, I got drunk one night and checked my emails the next day and I had an email saying "thank you for your order" 🙈 I have no regrets though. They are really difficult to walk in but they are just so cute! Plus they are velcro which is kind of retro. They're from Pretty Little Thing, I don't usually shop there but they have a few cute items. Link for these shoes is here!

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  1. I absolutely love these shoes. They will look so good with just about anything from jeans to skirts. I've been wanting a pair for the longest but never bought any maybe i'll take a shot or two and go for it! How are you going to style them?

    1. I'm thinking fishnet tights, knee high socks and a cute miniskirt ✌️