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OK guys I am freaking out right now because I think this is my favourite/the cutest outfit ever!! The other night I was browsing through Lazy Oaf (all-time favourite brand) and I just couldn't control myself any longer and I ended up buying this jumper and this dress! They came this morning and I am so in love with them that I came out straight away to take photos!

I've always loved Lazy Oaf but they've really outdone themselves here. I just cant get over the pastelly cuteness! And I think these two go really well together as an outfit but maybe that's just me because I'm pastel obsessed! The dress and jumper are such good quality as well and they look even better in real life! I've also got my mermaid shell bag which I got a few weeks ago from Skinnydip which is also amazing - I've had so many compliments on it! I think it comes in blue as well and I'm so tempted to get it so I can have both colours! Oh and I've also got my silver kickers on, they're so comfy and they look so cute with the pink bunny rabbit socks that I've got on from Topshop!

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Today I took outfit photos for the first time in like a month! I've been so busy at uni but hopefully I'll have time to start doing outfit posts again now! I literally think this outfit is so cute, I'm going through such a big pastel obsession right now. I love pleated skirts right now as well so this one from Sandy's Shop is perfect! I'm also wearing the cutest raincoat in the world ever from Primark - I saw it the other week and I just had to get it! They did it in pastel blue as well and I kinda want to get that as well cos they're just so adorable. I'm also going through a bit of a 90s obsession right now as well, so I've bought a few of these inflatable backpacks. They're so cool! This one is from Bone Idol who are possibly one of my new favourite clothing brands, they do loads of cute pink princessy mermaidy stuff!

Crop top - H&M
Raincoat - Primark