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Hi everyone :) Just another OOTD here for you! It was a sunny day again so I thought why not!? I am wearing the cutest pastel swimsuit/bodysuit ever which is from Minga London. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm obsessed with mermaids, Ariel has always been my favourite Disney Princess since I was little! And there seems to be loads of mermaid related clothes and accessories everywhere at the moment which makes me very happy! In fact I might even do a blog post on mermaid stuff!

I am also wearing my holographic Jaded London midi skirt which I've had for a while. It's so pretty and it looks even better in person, especially when the sun is shining on it and it goes all rainbowy! Rainbowy isn't a word, is it? Never mind. I've also got my flowery Primark sandals on, my Lazy Oaf backpack and Topshop sunglasses!

Backpack - Lazy Oaf (old)
Sandals - Primark



I'm in a good mood today because it's sunny (even though it doesn't look it in the photos) and I picked up some new stuff that I ordered from Topshop so look out for cute shoes and accessories in coming posts! Oh and I also had a Burger King for lunch which is obviously a bonus! I've also ordered some really cute stuff from ASOS and Minga London and I just can't wait for it to come! (It was payday yesterday). (I couldn't help myself).

Anyway, in this post I am wearing my cute cloud jacket which I may have got from Style Moi but I've also seen it on Shop Jeen recently - either way, it's really cute! I'm also wearing my fluffy pink skirt which I got from Primark ages ago, I've recently rediscovered it though. It's so fluffy and so so so comfy! I love finding things that I'd forgotten about in my wardrobe, I usually stop wearing things when I get bored of them after about a month but I think some of the best outfits come from pairing new stuff with old gems! I'm also wearing my Motel Guadalupe halter and my usual Nikes. Oh and my inflatable backpack from Bone Idol!

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Hi guys! I love these photos from today, this is another one of my favourite outfits ever I think. I feel like I got some funny looks walking through town dressed like this but this outfit is so cute I just don't care! I am wearing my adorable Care Bears high-neck crop top by Ichiban, it's scuba material and the pattern is just amazing. I actually have the matching skirt too but I think double Care Bears is  a statement that's quite bold, even for me! Seriously though, if you haven't heard of Ichiban, check out their website, everything is SOOO cool! 

I am also wearing my vintage tie-dye mom jeans which I got a while ago from We Are Cow, and to be honest they are probably my favourite vintage find ever! I love vintage because it's usually not too expensive and there's nothing better than having something really cool and knowing that no one else has it too. Plus they're really comfy! I'm also wearing Topshop sunglasses, my silver Kickers and of course I've got my Skinnydip London shell bag - I don't really go anywhere without this bag at the moment, its just too pretty to leave at home!

Care Bears top - Ichiban
Vintage jeans - We Are Cow
Silver boots - Kickers
Mermaid shell bag - Skinnydip London

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So many things I want, so little money :(

(from left to right)

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So this post is quite exciting because it's my first ever promo post! The other day a lovely lady emailed me and asked if I would like to review some of the necklaces that she sells through her company, Lavisha, and I just thought they looked so pretty so I said yes! I chose these two and they are both beautiful but I really like the cross necklace because its so sparkly and looks really nice with everything. I think all girls need a tiny bit of bling sometimes and I never really wear proper jewellery, I'm more of a choker/plastic accessories kind of gal. So it's really nice to wear something different for a change!

All of the necklaces are sterling silver and crystal. and they are such good quality! They honestly look really expensive but the prices range from around $20-$30 which is so reasonable! And they have loads of cute designs, I'm scrolling through them now and thinking that all of them would make such good presents for people. Actually I think this angel necklace would be perfect for my mum because she loves anything angel related! Oh and the necklaces come in these really nice velvety boxes as well which is such a nice touch!

Overall these necklaces are so pretty and the cross one will definitely be making its way into my everyday jewellery. To check out Lavisha's Amazon shop, click here!

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Hi guuuuuys! It was a really sunny day today so it was a perfect day for photos! I decided to channel my inner hippy in this look as you can probably tell from my wondrous accessories!

I'm wearing my Ragged Priest jeans that I've had for a while. I know I keep going on about it but I just love clouds right now so when I saw these jeans I just had to have them! They're mom jean-style and I love the rip on the front, I can't help but feel that they make my bum look big though! I am also wearing a cute crop top that I got recently from H&M, I adore slogan crop tops, my collection is very rapidly growing! Oh and my sandals are from Primark, I went in there the other day and ended up buying so much cute stuff including the flower headband that I'm wearing and some sparkly Ariel underwear! Princess + glitter = perfection!

Sandals - Primark
Accessories - Primark



Today was really really windy and we spent ages trying to take photos - the wind kept blowing my skirt up and my hair everywhere! So these photos are the best of a bad bunch really! I'm wearing my diamond sweatshirt from Jaded London and my lilac tennis skirt from AA. It's so cute! I bought another one in peach yesterday, it was so expensive but so worth it haha! This sweatshirt is so amazing though, it's like scuba material and the cropped length is perfect for me because I usually wear cropped stuff with something high-waisted on the bottom!

I'm also wearing my Nikes as usual haha, they just look good with everything. I have officially finished uni now which is both exciting and quite scary at the same time! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself but hopefully it'll mean that I can start doing more blog posts. Now all I need is loads of new clothes to blog about!

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