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I'm in a good mood today because it's sunny (even though it doesn't look it in the photos) and I picked up some new stuff that I ordered from Topshop so look out for cute shoes and accessories in coming posts! Oh and I also had a Burger King for lunch which is obviously a bonus! I've also ordered some really cute stuff from ASOS and Minga London and I just can't wait for it to come! (It was payday yesterday). (I couldn't help myself).

Anyway, in this post I am wearing my cute cloud jacket which I may have got from Style Moi but I've also seen it on Shop Jeen recently - either way, it's really cute! I'm also wearing my fluffy pink skirt which I got from Primark ages ago, I've recently rediscovered it though. It's so fluffy and so so so comfy! I love finding things that I'd forgotten about in my wardrobe, I usually stop wearing things when I get bored of them after about a month but I think some of the best outfits come from pairing new stuff with old gems! I'm also wearing my Motel Guadalupe halter and my usual Nikes. Oh and my inflatable backpack from Bone Idol!

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  1. So colorful, I love this outfit :)