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Hi guuuuuys! It was a really sunny day today so it was a perfect day for photos! I decided to channel my inner hippy in this look as you can probably tell from my wondrous accessories!

I'm wearing my Ragged Priest jeans that I've had for a while. I know I keep going on about it but I just love clouds right now so when I saw these jeans I just had to have them! They're mom jean-style and I love the rip on the front, I can't help but feel that they make my bum look big though! I am also wearing a cute crop top that I got recently from H&M, I adore slogan crop tops, my collection is very rapidly growing! Oh and my sandals are from Primark, I went in there the other day and ended up buying so much cute stuff including the flower headband that I'm wearing and some sparkly Ariel underwear! Princess + glitter = perfection!

Sandals - Primark
Accessories - Primark


  1. I love everything in your outfit but your sandals are my favorite part
    The Color Palette

  2. I love the jeans and tee combo, you look fab! And those sunglasses are awesome. Also I've been eyeing up this tshirt but it looked so tiny in the shop, like it looked like it would stop right under the bust, glad it doesn't bcos now I have an excuse to buy it, hehe :)

    Amanda Jayne / beauty , style + everything else