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Hi guys! As I already mentioned, my boyfriend is away at a festival so I've been trying to think of post ideas that don't require another person to take photos of me. And seeing as I got LOADS of stuff from Boots the other day, I thought I'd do a post to show you guys what I purchased!

There's too many different things to discuss individually so I'll just quickly go over my favourites! The Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl and Lengthen mascara is probably the best mascara I've ever had - I don't know what made me buy it, I just needed a new mascara really but I'm so glad I chose this one! A few coats of this makes my lashes suuuuuuper long! I'm also loving the Smashbox Pore Minimizing primer - I used to have really bad acne when I was younger and I know have clogged and scarred pored all over my face! This is no miracle worker but it does seem to smooth out my complexion a bit and helping my foundation to stay in place longer is a bonus!

I also adore the Bleach London hair colour that I bought, 'The Big Pink' is a gorgeous shade! I didn't even bleach my hair first and it came out quite bright - see my instagram for deets! I also bought La Roche-Posay Effaclar foaming gel and the anti-imperfection, unclogging serum. I have to say, these are probably the best two things out of everything I bought. I don't usually spend too much on skincare products but I'll be re-purchasing these from now on! The foaming gel makes my skin feel so soft, and after about a week of using the both of them my skin honestly looks more even and balanced. Even stubborn red acne marks seem to be fading slightly! Very happy!

Have you bought any exciting new products recently? Let me know and follow me on instagram @iamnicrose x


  1. I really wanna try one of the bleach colours, but I am such a wimp ahah great post x
    Claire |

  2. Maybelline is not usually the brand that I turn to when it comes to face products but I would really like to try out this Master sculpt duo. I feel like they are stepping up their game and that this product would be perfect for contouring. I would like to hear more about it :)

  3. I want to try the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit. It looks great!

  4. What a great post, I LOVE reading about recent hauls!
    I've used BLEACH London products and have been so impressed, I'm sure you will be too.
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  5. Loving the picks! I have always been unsure about home-bleach, but maybe this is a good one :)