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Hi guys, this is a new thing I think I'm gonna do. Basically I thought I'd just do a quick photo based post to let you guys know the highlights of my week! I didn't really get up to anything too exciting but here goes... 
Okay so the first picture is a drawing of me as a cat which someone posted on instagram! No one has ever drawn me before and it's so cute and it even has one of my actual outfits on! My Lazy Oaf cloud jumper and 'hello' dress! So adorable!
The second photo is a lil selfie I took after a dyed my hair pink again using Bleach London's 'The Big Pink' which is such a nice colour. The holographic mermaid shell halter I'm wearing is from Minga London and my visor is from Primark!
The third photo is of some cheap sliders that I bought and then fluffed up with some pink marabou trim. They're so cute but not very comfortable which makes me sad :(
The next photo is of a new crop top from O'mighty which says 'daddy's little gal' on it which is also super cute, especially as I'm a daddy's girl! It fits really well, I think it's going to be making many outfit appearances in the coming weeks!
The fifth photo is of Cher and Dionne because I watched Clueless the other day for some outfit inspiration and I just love them so much, I'm trying to work loads of their sayings into my everyday conversations! Oh and I need to buy some fluffy pens!
Finally, I got a new nail polish! Not very exciting but I really love the shade. It's Mystic by Mavala and I just think it's really pretty.

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