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I love these photos! I wish I was a graffiti artist haha, does anyone else think it's just really cool? Anyway, the dress and the boots in this outfit were gifted to me from Blue Inc who are a UK fashion brand that I have loved for a while, so I was super excited when I received the email asking if I would like to collaborate! I would describe the majority of their range as casual yet stylish - but the best thing is how affordable it is! I would definitely recommend them if you're a fashionista on a budget!

This dress is soooo pretty. I forgot to take photos of the back but it has some pretty strappy detailing (does that make sense?!) and it would just be perfect for a night out on holiday or something... if only I were going on holiday! :( And these boots are just amazing, the soles are really thick and they're just perfect for a grunge-y kinda look. I actually wore them out shopping after I took these photos and they are so comfy as well! I'm also wearing my new holographic raincoat from Pretty Little Thing which I'm sure I will be wearing in many posts to come - it's so beautiful!

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  1. so in love with that coat and your hair :)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Your raincoat is so gorgeous, I was waiting to read this post after you posted a picture on Instagram! Looks so gorgeous together as an outfit.
    Fab post, hunny!
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  3. I totally want to try doing graffiti!
    Those boots are awesome, gonna check out the website now...

  4. Dear Nichola You Are the Queen of the Street Style !!! Lol !!!