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Hiiii guys. I've had an eventful day today. I went to Liverpool to get my phone fixed at the Apple shop and ended up coming home with a new iPhone 6 Plus! I haven't decided if I like it yet, I can't get over how big it is! The best thing about getting a new phone s definitely shopping for a new phone case, I've already bought a mermaid one from Skinny Dip. I also did a bit of shopping and I bought some really cute pastel purple shorts from Primark but then later on my boyfriend (who was supposed to be carrying my shopping) realised he'd left the bag in Pizza Hut... very annoying as we were already on the train home! Sigh.

So today I wore my new flares from Jaded London. I actually bought the matching top as well but they are very in-your-face when worn together - which isn't a bad thing, but I thought I'd tone it down for a casual day out shopping haha! They are soooo beautiful and ridiculously comfy though. I want to wear them for like ever! I'm also wearing a basic crop top from Topshop and a sort of kimono/cover-up type thing which I got a while ago from H&M. Hope you like!

Kimono - H&M

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