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Hello!  What a cringey way to start haha, but my dress says hello so it seems appropriate. This is a sort of mini outfit post, I only managed to get a couple of photos so a mini one will have to do. I am so tired and lonely, my boyfriend has gone to T in the Park and I am so jealous! I was going to just blog loads but now I have no one to take my photos!

Anyway, today I am wearing Lazy Oaf. As I have mentioned about a billion times before, they are like my favourite brand ever and I love them! I bought this dress a while ago and then like a few weeks later it was in the sale! This always seems to happen to me, is anyone else like, really unlucky? Oh well, no regrets because I own the cutest dress ever! I also have my pastel Primark raincoat on, I think they go together really well. I definitely need more pastel in my life!

Raincoat - Primark

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  1. Such a cute outfit! x
    Claire |

  2. Love the dress! And that ALWAYS happens to me, I pay full price and a few days later it's on sale! XO -Kim

  3. Aww how cute is that dress! I do love Lazy Oaf, I nabbed an oversized pink shirt in the sale last year but lost it when I moved :(! Love the raincoat you've teamed it with!


  4. This dress is so cool!! Also, I totally love the pigtail buns - please tell me they're making a comeback? (Even if they aren't I want to bring them back!)
    Brianna ||