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Hi guys! A week or so ago, a company called Shebangs contacted me and asked if I would like to shoot some of their T-shirts for them. They're not my usual style really, but after reading their website I just had to get involved! Shebangs are about supporting people and individuality, and they feature up-and-coming artists and musicians on their blog.
"Shebangs clothing is for creatives, appreciators of good music, good people and connection. A Shebangs T-Shirt actually stands for something: People. Whether that be your favourite unsigned artist, or unpublished author. We celebrate and support these artists"
They are even currently running a competition to travel Europe with a friend, so why not head over to and check out this cool new brand! These shirts are definitely going to be working their way into my casual wardrobe - they're so comfy!

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  1. These shirts look so cute! I love your hair in these photos ^-^

    Sarah |

  2. Love those tops.. your hair is really cute too x

  3. Love those tops.. your hair is really cute too x

  4. never heard about this brand but love the shirts :) I think you look super cute in them, esp with the cute hairdo! :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts