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Hi guyssssss! Hope you all had a good week. I only did one outfit post this week but I'm going to be doing loads next week hopefully - mainly because Friday was payday and I've got some new clothes coming! I can't wait! Anyway, these are the highlights of my week!

1. A cute lil edit I did of one of my last outfits! Dress from SheInside and necklace from The Happiness Boutique
2. My pretty new sunglasses which I got super cheap off eBay, I've seen similar ones at Pretty Little Thing though!
3. My vintage rainbow bomber jacket from We Are Cow
4. A nice photo of some of my shiny pretty mermaidy stuff!
5. This princess cap which I really want! It's sooo cute but I can't find it anywhere. I suspect it's from Shop Jeen but if anyone can send me a link to where I can get one, I will love you forever!

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  1. Those sunglasses are so cute! I'm trying to find some so bad but I can't find any shape that I like for my face.

    Danika Maia