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Hi guys! Hope you're all well and excited to have an extra day off tomorrow! If only I didn't work in retail, I could be enjoying a three day weekend as well :( Anyway, I am really enjoying this rainbow ensemble that I wore yesterday. I went through a huge midi skirt phase about a year ago and bought loads of them, including this one, but since then they've just been hung in my wardrobe, long forgotten about. This one caught my eye the other day though, and I think I might be back on the midi hype now! It's a lovely scuba material and was from Primark.
I'm also wearing my Jaded London rainbow, bell-sleeve top which was part of the crochet-print co-ord set that I bought recently. Some bell-sleeve action has been needed in my wardrobe for a while now and I'm so glad I got this. Ooh and I also had my cute little mermaid shell clutch/bag from Skinny Dip with me. I do love a colourful outfit! 

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Hi angels, another quick outfit for you here. Neither of the items that I'm wearing are particularly new but they looked so cute together that I just couldn't resist doing a post! I'm sure this jumper has been featured many times on my blog but it is probably my favourite item of clothing that I own. It's from Lazy Oaf and in fact they have just brought out a new range which features some jumpers even cuter than this one! I've got my eye on a cute oversized, pastel jumper which has cats on it. It is jumper perfection! 
I'm also wearing this fluffy pink skirt which I've had for ages. It was from Primark but I've seen similar skirts on loads of different websites. It's such a fun material and it's one of those things that you can just throw on with a pretty top and it will always look super cute!
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Hi guys, I have a few new bits and bobs so I thought I'd do a post show-casing them! The first thing you might notice is my hair - I went for a hair cut and absolutely hated it, it was so short! So I found my extensions and dyed them green, along with the ends of my hair. The dye is Alpine Green by Directions and I just think it's such a pretty shade of green!

Clothes-wise, I think I look like a very stereotypical 'fashion blogger' today, but I guess normal is okay sometimes! I got this denim jacket last week, it's a vintage Levi's and I've wanted one of these for ages. I got this off eBay and it was an absolute bargain at £10 including postage! I was so happy when I won it. I'm also wearing this lovely blue hat which was also a bit of a bargain. It's by Catarzi but I got it from ASOS and it was in the sale! My final new item is this beautiful backpack from New Look. I've been on the look out for a pretty pastel backpack for ages and when I saw this I just knew I had to buy it!

Denim jacket - Levi's (vintage)

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Hi guys! If you're a follower of my blog then you will know that my style is usually quite casual and a bit unusual sometimes, and to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way! However, occasionally some kind of special event comes up which requires me to dress a bit more formally, and I take one look in my wardrobe and start to panic. I don't own anything remotely formal! So what do I do? I go on the hunt for the perfect dress that I can keep at the back of my wardrobe and whip out as and when needed. And of course, it needs to be a tiny bit unusual because, well, that's just me!

Anyway, I recently came across Aisle Style, a fab company specialising in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and dresses for any other special occasion. And let me tell you, I am in love! I may even start dropping hints to my boyfriend just so I can buy one of their wedding dresses! The dresses above are ones that really stood out to me. Any one of them would be perfect for a prom, wedding, party or graduation! And I just love how they look so glamorous without being tacky. And the best part is, all of the dresses are specifically tailored to you, so you can choose one particular style and have it made in any colour or fabric that they offer! I've got my eye on the pink strapless one with the crystals all-over. Aisle Style, you've nailed it!

Hope you like this post and don't forget to check out Aisle Style!
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Hi sugar donuts! Another outfit made up of relatively old clothes but I get paid on Friday and I fully intend to treat myself to some new bits and bobs! I also really want to visit all my local charity shops and see if I can find any interesting clothes and stuff, so I might do that on Friday as I have the day off! Today I wore my cloud print bralet and iridescent raincoat which were both from Pretty Little Thing. I really don't wear this raincoat enough considering how beautiful it is, from now on I am going to make more of an effort to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe! I don't know why but I just automatically fall in love with anything shiny or iridescent! 
I also wore my tie-dye Levi's from Cow Vintage. They are probably one of the best purchases I ever made because you can just throw them on and they always look good! I definitely need to find some more key vintage pieces. Hope you like!

Sandals - Primark

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Hi guys. I haven't done a proper outfit post in ages but I haven't been feeling very creative lately. And I haven't bought any new clothes in weeks so I just haven't been able to put together any new outfits that I actually like! I mean, I must have hundreds of items on clothing in my wardrobe (/floordrobe/bed/boyfriend's wardrobe) but there's just nothing I WANT to wear. You know the feeling, right girls?

Anyway, I dug out this outfit today because I was determined to do a post of some sort and after trying on old stuff and new(ish) stuff, this is what I came up with. The maxi dress is one I got a couple of months ago from Topshop. It's super comfy but I just can't decide if I like maxi lengths. I'm also wearing this iridescent shirt which I think is so cute and pretty. I love anything shiny! I came across it when I was searching for the iridescent oversized shirt that American Apparel a while back. I found it on AliExpress which is a Chinese wholesale website. It was only £10 including postage (amazing!) and I was a bit worried about quality but the quality is actually perfect. I'm also wearing my statement necklace from The Happiness Boutique.

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Hiiiiiiiii guuuuuuys! I haven't done a post in a while because I've been busy working on a new project.... It's very exciting and I'll tell you guys all about it soon! 

I am literally dying over this wishlist because it is just so perfect and I want everything on it like soooo badly. As soon as I've finished this post I'm gonna go and sort through the mountains of clothes that I already have in the hope that I'll be able to sell some on eBay and afford some of these beauties! My absolute favourite items are the pastel Lazy Oaf cardigan, the 'Babe' cap and the cute, pale pink Topshop pinafore. I'm sure I say this every time I do a wishlist post but WHHHHY do I have no money! Stupid rent and bills take up all my money. Growing up sucks.

(From left to right)

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Hi angel cookies! Slightly late on the weekly summary this week (only by a day) but I have been super busy! I hope all of your weeks have been considerably less stressful than mine! To top it all off, it's my boyfriends birthday tomorrow and I am currently running around manically try to make a chocolate cake. It's going well so far but I am notoriously bad at baking so it'll probably come out rubbish.

1. First photo is a bit of a throwback to a vintage dress I got a while ago from Vulgar Sheffield. I forgot that I had it until I saw it in some old photos  a few days ago and I have fallen in love with it again!
2. Next is a lil selfie I did of my new Jaded London co-ord. I wore the flares in a previous post but I haven't written about the beautiful matching top yet so look out!
3. Third is my beloved Nokia skirt that I've finally got my hands on! It's originally from Omighty but I got mine from eBay.
4. Next is my new phone! It's a gold iPhone 6 plus and I absolutely love it! I'm debating whether to do a post reviewing it, what do you guys think? Shall I just stick to clothes? haha
5. Finally is a cute lil outfit that I have planned for the next sunny day we have. I got the pink shorts from Primark and I want to get them in every colour!

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Hi guys! I like this outfit that I wore today. I think I look like a bit of hippy with my dungarees and my space buns and my flower power backpack but who cares?! I am a pink, flowery princess! I actually made these dungarees myself. Well I didn't make them, but I sort of tie-dyed them with bleach and then dyed them a bit pink and blue. I kind of like them. I'm also wearing a long sleeved crop top which I got from H&M a few months ago. H&M are like my favourite place for tops at the minute, especially crop tops. They used to be a bit boring but they've definitely got way cooler recently. Oooh and I have an update on the shorts-left-in-Pizza-Hut situation that I mentioned in my last post! I went into another Primark today (need to stop shopping) and I re-purchased them but in pink this time haha. I want them in every colour!

Dungarees - Vintage/DIY

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