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Hi guys! I like this outfit that I wore today. I think I look like a bit of hippy with my dungarees and my space buns and my flower power backpack but who cares?! I am a pink, flowery princess! I actually made these dungarees myself. Well I didn't make them, but I sort of tie-dyed them with bleach and then dyed them a bit pink and blue. I kind of like them. I'm also wearing a long sleeved crop top which I got from H&M a few months ago. H&M are like my favourite place for tops at the minute, especially crop tops. They used to be a bit boring but they've definitely got way cooler recently. Oooh and I have an update on the shorts-left-in-Pizza-Hut situation that I mentioned in my last post! I went into another Primark today (need to stop shopping) and I re-purchased them but in pink this time haha. I want them in every colour!

Dungarees - Vintage/DIY

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