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Hi guys. I haven't done a proper outfit post in ages but I haven't been feeling very creative lately. And I haven't bought any new clothes in weeks so I just haven't been able to put together any new outfits that I actually like! I mean, I must have hundreds of items on clothing in my wardrobe (/floordrobe/bed/boyfriend's wardrobe) but there's just nothing I WANT to wear. You know the feeling, right girls?

Anyway, I dug out this outfit today because I was determined to do a post of some sort and after trying on old stuff and new(ish) stuff, this is what I came up with. The maxi dress is one I got a couple of months ago from Topshop. It's super comfy but I just can't decide if I like maxi lengths. I'm also wearing this iridescent shirt which I think is so cute and pretty. I love anything shiny! I came across it when I was searching for the iridescent oversized shirt that American Apparel a while back. I found it on AliExpress which is a Chinese wholesale website. It was only £10 including postage (amazing!) and I was a bit worried about quality but the quality is actually perfect. I'm also wearing my statement necklace from The Happiness Boutique.

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  1. Cute 90s outfit!

    Danika Maia

  2. In awe of that shirt, love it! X

  3. In awe of that shirt, love it! X

  4. J'ai très envie de te serrer contre moi et de me frotter contre toi en robe longue.