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Hi sugar donuts! Another outfit made up of relatively old clothes but I get paid on Friday and I fully intend to treat myself to some new bits and bobs! I also really want to visit all my local charity shops and see if I can find any interesting clothes and stuff, so I might do that on Friday as I have the day off! Today I wore my cloud print bralet and iridescent raincoat which were both from Pretty Little Thing. I really don't wear this raincoat enough considering how beautiful it is, from now on I am going to make more of an effort to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe! I don't know why but I just automatically fall in love with anything shiny or iridescent! 
I also wore my tie-dye Levi's from Cow Vintage. They are probably one of the best purchases I ever made because you can just throw them on and they always look good! I definitely need to find some more key vintage pieces. Hope you like!

Sandals - Primark

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