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Hi guys! It's supposed to be autumn now but apparently we are about to have a 2 week heatwave here in the UK!? Which is good because it means I can wear cute outfits like this without having to put a jacket on! I kinda went for retro/sporty spice vibes again today with my hoop earrings and floral joggers. I got these joggers the other week in the ASOS sale and since then I have just not stopped wearing them! They are so comfy! I also wore my Fila halter with this cute sheer top over the top for added pink-ness because pink is the best colour ever. I really want to dye  my hair a pretty pastel pink or something but I'm just not brave enough. What do you guys think? I'm really hating on my hair at the minute, the hairdresser cut it way too short and made me look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek ugh :(

Furby bag - Vintage

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Hi guys! Another fairly retro outfit here! I love vintage tracksuits and this jacket is no exception - I saw it on eBay (yes again!) and I just loved it. I've never considered red to be my colour but I think this jacket might have changed my mind! I do think that I really need help for my eBay addiction though, it's becoming a problem!
I'm also wearing a really old skirt that I've had for ages from Primark, and a plain black crop top from Topshop. This whole outfit reminds me of Tumblr circa 2008, I think it's the creepers and frilly socks! I don't know why but these photos came out kinda blurry, I think I need to clean the lens of my camera or something.

Jacket - Vintage

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Hi angels! Another rainbow kinda outfit for you today, and another bargain, might I add! I've been a bit obsessed with finding amazing vintage bargains since I won a furby backpack on eBay for £1.04 a week or so a go, and I managed to win this tie-dye tee for just 55p! It's such pretty colours and I love oversized shirts, it's kinda massive but it's so comfy! Definitely gonna be wearing this a lot over the next few weeks! I am also wearing my standard black jeans from ASOS and my retro bubble backpack from Bone Idol.

Tie-dye shirt - Vintage

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Hi guys! I wore this super cute rainbow outfit yesterday. I love anything rainbow coloured and when Dolls Kill were doing free international postage a while ago I couldn't not buy it. I'm quite tall so it's actually really really short on me so I don't wear it often - only on special occasions! I'm also wearing my rainbow alien top from Minga, I have quite a few of these tops and they are just perfect for funking up any outfit with a bit of holographic-ness. Speaking of holographic, I made the outfit extra shiny by wearing my raincoat from Pretty Little Thing. Does anyone else have a holographic raincoat? I don't know if it's just me but mine is so noisy to wear! I walk down the street sounding like a plastic bag which sucks because it's so pretty :(

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Hi guys! Another wishlist for you here - yes, another one! I can't afford to actually buy any new clothes so I'll just look at them and cry instead. I do love browsing various clothes websites and one of my favourites is Romwe, so I put together this little collage of things that I currently want from there. I've only ordered from Romwe once or twice in the past but they are a lovely company to deal with and the clothes are super cute and good quality as well!
I really want everything here but my favourites include the cat pinafore and the chunky rainbow stripe jumper which is similar to one that Unif are selling at the moment (at a fraction of the price!). I also adore the pink sheepskin style jacket, the camo jacket and the chunky zip up boots which I think would compliment any wintery outfit absolutely perfectly!

From left to right:

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The best thing about a new season rolling around is the potential for a new seasonal wishlist. And as you can see, today's wishlist is shoes, shoes, shoes! I really need to invest in some new shoes because most of my shoes are sandals and my toes are starting to get cold now! Hope you guys like this wishlist!

(From left to right)
4. Tan lace-up knee-highs - Missguided
5. Rose gold creepers - Underground
6. Pastel loafers - Boohoo
7. Pink cowboy boots - Dolls Kill
8. Leopard print boots - Topshop
9. Red velvet boots - ASOS
10. Rainbow platform sandals - Current Mood at Dolls Kill
11. Silver glitter boots - ASOS
12. White cut-out shoes - Dr Martens
13. Silver trainers - Reebok
14. Stoner boots - HotMess
15. Paint splatter boots - T.U.K
16. Silver sandals - Ark

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Hi angels! I couldn't help myself from doing a post on this outfit because I really wanted to show off the cutest bag in existence! I won this little guy on eBay for £1.04 (best buy of this year so far!) and he is so fluffy and adorable - I'm obsessed with him! I love anything 90s, especially 90s toys and especially 90s toys in backpack form! I wonder if I can get a troll backpack? I used to love those little troll dolls with the massive hair!
I'm also wearing my vintage Levi's denim jacket which was another eBay bargain and a plain white tennis skirt from Kokopie. Oh and I'm also wearing my new Fila halter top which I got from ASOS - I'm so glad to see that all the retro sports brands are making a comeback too! 

Furby backpack - eBay
Denim jacket - Vintage/eBay

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Hi guys! Another super cute outfit here - I kinda channeled sports luxe vibes today. I love The Ragged Priest as a brand (they're so funky!) so when I saw these floral joggers by them in the ASOS sale I couldn't not buy them. They are so lovely and silky and they look really nice with this jacket from the French brand See U Soon which was also in the ASOS sale - I'm such a bargain hunter! The jacket is so pretty, it is quite a thick material and it has shimmery bits in it. I think it was meant to be arooound £100 but I snapped it up for £20ish! Maybe I should rebrand this blog as a budget fashion blog haha. I'm also wearing my Nikes to add to the sporty feel, and my cute little backpack from New Look. Hope you like!

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Hi angels! As per usual, I will begin by commenting on the weather! It's getting a bit more Autumn-y now and I think this denim midi pinafore that I'm wearing is like the perfect item of clothing for this time of year - I saw it on ASOS and knew straight away that I had to buy it. It's so cute and I love how it looks so 90s, plus I can see myself wearing this with cute jumpers all through the winter as well. As we are still having a bit of sun though, I thought I'd make the most of my summery stuff by wearing this cute palm print top from Bill and Mar with it. I'm also wearing my chunky boots with some cute apple socks and my fluffy bag, all from Topshop! 
I''m thinking of starting to sell some of my clothes on Depop as I have way too many, and also I need funds to buy more clothes! What do you guys think? I've never used Depop before but it seems quite popular in the fashion community so any tips or info would be appreciated!

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Hey guys! The weather is starting to get colder now and in my opinion there is no better way to get warm than to snuggle up in a some funky faux fur! I think making this wishlist was a bad idea though because now I want every single coat! I already have 3 faux fur beauties (a hot pink one, a turquoise one and a red and black one) but there's definitely room for a couple more... maybe! I really really want the psychedelic tie-dye coat from Dolls Kill, the pastel pink faux fur gilet from Forever 21 and the pink/zebra print fur jacket from Lazy Oaf and The Ragged Priest's new collection. I either need a sugar daddy or a better paying job!

(From left to right)

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Hi cupcakes! Another outfit for you here, and this one is super cute in my opinion! Seeing as all the little kiddy winkles are going back to school this week, I thought I'd whip out one of my cute pleated skirts for a sort of Cher-from-Clueless/90's school girl look. I seem to be building up a huge collection of pleated skirts, which can obviously only be a good thing 'cause they are just so adorable! This one is from Kokopie who do loads of cute kawaii clothes - if you've never been on their website you should go and look right now! I'm also wearing my iridescent shirt which I have mentioned in previous posts, and this adorable peach mohair cardigan which is from We Are Cow Vintage. It's so soft and fluffy and it has an embellished shoulder which I just love - there's nothing better than a key vintage piece!

Iridescent shirt - AliExpress
Fishnet tights - eBay
Boots - Topshop (old, similar here)

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Hi guys! Another summary of my week here. I wanted to do this every week but I seem to keep forgetting - I would've forgotten this week if my boyfriend hadn't reminded me! Also, I've had a glass or two of wine so if this post isn't as coherent as my usual ones, you'll have to forgive me! 
1. Photo numero uno is of my cute af care bears co-ord set which is from Ichiban. I don't wear it enough but I thought it went particularly well with my holographic raincoat from Pretty Little Thing so I took a cute picture!
2. Number 2 is my equally cute new crop top from O-Mighty, I got it in their sale and I think it was only about £12, which is a bargain because they're usually so expensive! It took a while to come but it was definitely worth the wait, and the packaging was also amazing! I think O-Mighty must be the coolest brand ever.
3. Next is a fairly standard picture of some pretty sky - not much else to say on this one!
4. Fourth is a cheeky lil selfie of my new short hair (hate it), new sunglasses from Boohoo (love them) and new snapback from Monki (undecided). Does anyone have any tips for making your hair grow faster?! I would appreciate any advice!
5. Finally is a leg-selfie (is that a thing?) that I took purely because I was wearing these cute pastel blue fishnet tights. Personally I think fishnets are super cute, I need to buy some more though because they rip really easily. For some reason all my tights and leggings get a hole in the crotch? I suspect this may be because I have long legs but idk!

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Hi sugar cookies! I don't mean to be so British in that I start every post by talking about the weather, but today was actually sunny! Maybe summer isn't over just yet after all! It would definitely be nice to have a few more weeks of being able to get away with wearing shorts and crop tops before I have to buy some jumpers and cardigans.
Today I wore my swirly twirly fairy skirt which is from ASOS. It's so pretty and fun to wear. I'm feeling very guilty because I never ever wear it and it has been stuck at the back of my wardrobe for months up until now. It's cute but I feel like it's the sort of skirt that I should save for special occasions so maybe that's why. I also wore a cute floral crop top which I got the other week from Boohoo - it was in the sale, and was only like £5 or something ridiculous! And then over that I wore my vintage Levi's denim jacket which I think just completes the look. Super cute AND super casual!

Denim jacket - Levi's (vintage)

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Hi angels, I feel kinda boring today but I thought I'd do a post anyway. I don't like being dressed in normal colours, I'd rather wear some kind of neon, rainbow, glittery ensemble! The weather is getting so cold now, and it's getting dark earlier, which can only mean one thing - time to whip out the autumn wardrobe! I haven't really bought anything new yet so I thought I'd wear this cute faux fur coat that I got from Boohoo last winter. A new season means a new wardrobe in my book though, so it looks like I've got some shopping to do! I love faux fur so I might even do a furry wishlist this week. Keep your eyes peeled! I'm also wearing my classic ASOS black jeans, a cute shirt from O-Mighty, and these comfy boots which were gifted to me by Blue Inc.

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Hi guys! It's that time of the month again... the time when I make a new wishlist! Like every month, there is loads of stuff that I am desperate to buy! If only I could afford to buy every single thing :( My personal favourites from these picks are the pastel Unif jumper that all bloggers have been going crazy over, and the silver Reebok trainers - I love sparkly stuff! I am also completely in love with the O-Mighty Windows 95 print joggers, they are so retro and amazing and I just need them so much! I also really wanted to buy the Apathetic sweater dress from Lazy Oaf's new collection but it's sold out ALREADY! And so is the pastel colour block cardigan that I was going to buy. *cries*

(from left to right)

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Hi cupcake sprinkles, I wore quite a summery outfit today, even though  summer seems to have completely ended now. Am I the only one who feels like we didn't even really have a summer? Nothing eventful happened for me, anyway. I do quite like autumn as a season though,  there's something really crisp and magical about it, plus you can start working cute jumpers into your wardrobe!
Today I wore this beautiful maxi dress which was sent to me by Shein. I love maxi dresses, they are the perfect thing to throw on when you can't be bothered to shave your legs but you still want to look cute! Maybe that's just me, haha. Anyway, the colours on this dress are so bright and pretty and this is the sort of dress that can be either dressed up or down depending on  the occasion - perfect! I also have my vintage Levi's jacket on, my cute bubble backpack from Bone Idol, and this snapback from Monki. I've never owned a snapback before but I saw this one in the sale on Asos and thought it was cute. You can't see it in the photos but it says 'JEEZ' underneath the peak in pastel blue lettering. Hope you like!

Levi's denim jacket - Vintage

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