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The best thing about a new season rolling around is the potential for a new seasonal wishlist. And as you can see, today's wishlist is shoes, shoes, shoes! I really need to invest in some new shoes because most of my shoes are sandals and my toes are starting to get cold now! Hope you guys like this wishlist!

(From left to right)
4. Tan lace-up knee-highs - Missguided
5. Rose gold creepers - Underground
6. Pastel loafers - Boohoo
7. Pink cowboy boots - Dolls Kill
8. Leopard print boots - Topshop
9. Red velvet boots - ASOS
10. Rainbow platform sandals - Current Mood at Dolls Kill
11. Silver glitter boots - ASOS
12. White cut-out shoes - Dr Martens
13. Silver trainers - Reebok
14. Stoner boots - HotMess
15. Paint splatter boots - T.U.K
16. Silver sandals - Ark

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  1. Every season brings more and more pieces I feel like I need, especially when the new stock of boots come in. I strangely love the glittery boots yet I don't quite know if I could wear them sophisticatedly, I may end up looking ridiculous!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Wow every single pair of these shoes is so cute!


  3. love the quirky and eclectic pairs! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. I wish I had the confidence to wear shoes like number 10! They are too cute, but I just don't have the swag to pull them off. Plus knowing me, I would fall over it epic fashion!

    Beth x // Interview With Em Sheldon