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Hi guys! Another summary of my week here. I wanted to do this every week but I seem to keep forgetting - I would've forgotten this week if my boyfriend hadn't reminded me! Also, I've had a glass or two of wine so if this post isn't as coherent as my usual ones, you'll have to forgive me! 
1. Photo numero uno is of my cute af care bears co-ord set which is from Ichiban. I don't wear it enough but I thought it went particularly well with my holographic raincoat from Pretty Little Thing so I took a cute picture!
2. Number 2 is my equally cute new crop top from O-Mighty, I got it in their sale and I think it was only about £12, which is a bargain because they're usually so expensive! It took a while to come but it was definitely worth the wait, and the packaging was also amazing! I think O-Mighty must be the coolest brand ever.
3. Next is a fairly standard picture of some pretty sky - not much else to say on this one!
4. Fourth is a cheeky lil selfie of my new short hair (hate it), new sunglasses from Boohoo (love them) and new snapback from Monki (undecided). Does anyone have any tips for making your hair grow faster?! I would appreciate any advice!
5. Finally is a leg-selfie (is that a thing?) that I took purely because I was wearing these cute pastel blue fishnet tights. Personally I think fishnets are super cute, I need to buy some more though because they rip really easily. For some reason all my tights and leggings get a hole in the crotch? I suspect this may be because I have long legs but idk!

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  1. The Care Bears ensemble is cute af! Omg. I wish I can pull off your style! Oh and II feel you with holes on the crotch area of tights... As for me they're due to my really thick thighs.

  2. That care bear outfit tho x

  3. That care bear outfit tho x