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Hi cupcake sprinkles, I wore quite a summery outfit today, even though  summer seems to have completely ended now. Am I the only one who feels like we didn't even really have a summer? Nothing eventful happened for me, anyway. I do quite like autumn as a season though,  there's something really crisp and magical about it, plus you can start working cute jumpers into your wardrobe!
Today I wore this beautiful maxi dress which was sent to me by Shein. I love maxi dresses, they are the perfect thing to throw on when you can't be bothered to shave your legs but you still want to look cute! Maybe that's just me, haha. Anyway, the colours on this dress are so bright and pretty and this is the sort of dress that can be either dressed up or down depending on  the occasion - perfect! I also have my vintage Levi's jacket on, my cute bubble backpack from Bone Idol, and this snapback from Monki. I've never owned a snapback before but I saw this one in the sale on Asos and thought it was cute. You can't see it in the photos but it says 'JEEZ' underneath the peak in pastel blue lettering. Hope you like!

Levi's denim jacket - Vintage

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  1. I've never thought of maxi dresses being a way to cover my unshaven legs but now you say it, it makes so much sense! I love how you've styled this, so fun!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane