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Hi guys! It's supposed to be autumn now but apparently we are about to have a 2 week heatwave here in the UK!? Which is good because it means I can wear cute outfits like this without having to put a jacket on! I kinda went for retro/sporty spice vibes again today with my hoop earrings and floral joggers. I got these joggers the other week in the ASOS sale and since then I have just not stopped wearing them! They are so comfy! I also wore my Fila halter with this cute sheer top over the top for added pink-ness because pink is the best colour ever. I really want to dye  my hair a pretty pastel pink or something but I'm just not brave enough. What do you guys think? I'm really hating on my hair at the minute, the hairdresser cut it way too short and made me look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek ugh :(

Furby bag - Vintage

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  1. I think a light silvery pink would look so cool on you. You're killing it in that outfit btw. xx Lita