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Hi sugar cookies! I don't mean to be so British in that I start every post by talking about the weather, but today was actually sunny! Maybe summer isn't over just yet after all! It would definitely be nice to have a few more weeks of being able to get away with wearing shorts and crop tops before I have to buy some jumpers and cardigans.
Today I wore my swirly twirly fairy skirt which is from ASOS. It's so pretty and fun to wear. I'm feeling very guilty because I never ever wear it and it has been stuck at the back of my wardrobe for months up until now. It's cute but I feel like it's the sort of skirt that I should save for special occasions so maybe that's why. I also wore a cute floral crop top which I got the other week from Boohoo - it was in the sale, and was only like £5 or something ridiculous! And then over that I wore my vintage Levi's denim jacket which I think just completes the look. Super cute AND super casual!

Denim jacket - Levi's (vintage)

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