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I was a bit wary of writing this post because a lot of people I know (both online and in real life) are complete and utter brand-snobs. You know, the sort of people that wouldn't be seen dead in anything other that Zara, perhaps with the exception of Urban Outfitters and Topshop Boutique. But then I thought to myself, who wouldn't want to read a post about beautiful clothes... that they can actually afford! Obviously I would love to be able to buy the real deal of all these items, but most of the time I just can't afford to! And even if I can, knowing my luck, they'll be out of stock. Plus, I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I love wholesale and Chinese websites, such as SheIn and Romwe. Most of the time, they have way cooler, more interesting clothes than your average high-street shop. So, keep reading if you want to find out where you can buy the bargain versions of all the beautiful clothes shown above!

1. Lazy Oaf cloud jumper - This is the only item in this post that I own the real version of. When Lazy Oaf released this jumper, it was love at first sight and I bought it instantly. Since then though, many companies have made similar ones, and Fame Is Lame are selling an almost perfect dupe here, for approximately £20. The original is sold out, but did retail for £60 (here).

2. Unif pastel frost jumper - All (and I mean all) the bloggers are wearing this jumper at the moment, which is probably why it's sold out absolutely everywhere. There is no denying that it's a beautiful jumper, but at approx. £58 on the Unif website, it's a bit too pricey for me. Thankfully, SheIn are selling a similar jumper for just under £15, here.

3. O-Mighty 'Drake' crop tee - I adore O-Mighty, they are so fun and quirky aaaaand... expensive! Plus, delivery to the UK is like £10 or something crazy! But I was browsing AliExpress (another wholesale favourite of mine!) the other day, and I came across this cute dupe! The original (here) costs £25 plus postage, but the AliExpress version is £5.75 with free shipping!

4. Unif psychedelic shirt - I feel like this one is another blogger favourite. This is actually in the sale over at Unif right now, but why pay £40 here, when you can pay just over half of that here?!

5. O-Mighty 'daddy's little gal' crop tee - A lot of people are into the 'daddy' thing at the minute, whatever that means haha. I suppose this little crop top is pretty cute. The O-Mighty version is only £14 (plus shipping) but we can do better than thaaat! The AliExpress dupe is just over £4 including shipping! Go, go, GO!

6. Unif colour-block 'crayola' jumper - The brighter version of the pastel 'frost' jumper, this jumper is for anyone who likes to stand out in the crowd! The original is once again from Unif (here), but the version I own is from SheIn, and cost just £13, here. Bargain!

7. Topshop button-through denim skirt - Yes, it's THIS skirt. The one that everyone owns and the one that is still out of stock on the Topshop website in most sizes. Luckily for you guys, StyleMoi are selling an almost identical version of the £29 Topshop staple for just over £12. Find it here.

8. Unif OTR backpack - I guess for some reason, companies really like 'taking inspiration', shall we say, from Unif. This backpack is absolutely adorable though, and like the Topshop skirt, it is also all sold out! The original retails at approximately £35, but good old AliExpress have got a dupe for £9.99! Click here to make all your rainbow dreams come true!

9. Lazy Oaf Cat-a-fore dress - Finally, a personal favourite of mine. This is a dupe of an old but classic Lazy Oaf piece which is no longer available. The original was £70, but Romwe have a perfect dupe on sale here for just £11.50! Purrrr-fect.... *dies of embarrassment at the worst cat joke ever made*

I hope you liked this post guys, let me know what you think about buying dupes. Do you prefer the real deal or are you all about saving money? Also, let me know if there's any brand/items you want dupes of, as I need inspiration for Part 2 of this post! x


  1. I love this post so much! Thanks a million :)))


  2. I love the frost jumper! Might have to get it now that it's not exorbitantly priced... Looking forward to the next part. Maybe you can do dupes for Jeffrey Campbell cleated shoes?

  3. This is a great post idea. People can be such snobs but not everyone can afford the real thing!

    Rachel |

  4. I just love this post. I mean, O-Mighty is super amazing but prices are surreal as for their very simple designs.
    And I think I might give this psychedelic shirt a very fair try. It's beyond great!

    x M.K. Osiecki

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  6. Any hint as to where to get a dupe of the frost sweater these days?