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Hi guys, for the past few weeks I have been SUPER excited to receive this coat from Romwe and today it finally came! As you have probably gathered by now, I have a bit of an affinity for pink/pastel/cute/cloud-themed stuff, and this coat ticks all the boxes! It's kind of similar to the Lazy Oaf cloud puffer jacket that everyone is obsessed with at the moment, but it's even better because it's pink! My next blog post is actually going to be a bit of a round-up/wishlist of affordable dupes to some of the key pieces on the market at the moment, such as the Unif Crayola and Frost jumpers, so look out for that!

I also wore my vintage wolf top which I think was from Cow Vintage, and my plaid pleated skirt which was from Primark last year - I absolutely love it, I wear it all the time! I also took my SkinnyDip shell bag out and seeing as it was cold, I popped on this adorable fur headband which I picked up from Primark the other day. 

Wolf top - Cow Vintage
Fur headband - Primark

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  1. Ooh. I'm excited for your next post for sure

  2. That cloud jacket is so cute? Is it waterproof? 'cause it looks like it might be, and I need a waterproof jacket.