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Okay so I haven't blogged in forever and that's because I've been having a bit of a style identity crisis. I used to be a pastel princess but now I'm channeling grunge x Sporty Spice vibes, and to be honest, I'm loving it. So with that in mind, I'm going to outline my new wardrobe staples, and the beautiful garments of dreams that are currently on my mental wishlist.

Behold the 5 items of clothing that I've been wearing on loop for the past month or two. Numero uno is my Fila bodysuit which I am 100% in love with. I've lost a bit of weight recently and I feel super confident now so I'm all about figure hugging clothing. It literally goes with everything! Number two is my amaaaaaaaazing new dress from Lazy Oaf. I might not be a pastel princess anymore but I will always have unlimited love for the Oaf. And this dress is kinda grunge-y anyway so it's cool. Thirdly is this gorgeous pair of high-waisted velvet leggings. Absolute. Must. Have. Number 4 is this super cute, sporty crop top, and finally we have the classic Adidas midi dress, as seen on Gigi Hadid I'll have you know!

So now that's out of the way, let's move on to my wishlist. As you can probably tell, black is my favourite colour now, but I'm also really into nudes, metallics and khakis too. I promise I haven't turned boring, just a bit more subtle.

The first brand I must mention is Manière De Voir - super cool brand who are surprisingly affordable and rather Kardashian-esque - think nude, mesh gym leggings with matching hoodies. Everything from their Activewear collection is literally to die for. I'm also reaaally into my branded sportswear now, and Asos have some perfect pieces. I don't know why but I seem to have taken quite a liking to Fila recently, how insane are these dungarees though?! And finally, it wouldn't be a wishlist unless there was at least one mention of the big T. Yes, Topshop. I've actually just ordered this incredible velvet puffer jacket. I already own about 20 coats and jackets but yano, one more won't hurt.

1. Nude mesh gym leggings - Manière De Voir
2. Nude mesh hoodie - Manière De Voir
3. Fila crop top - Asos
4. Fila dungarees - Asos
5. Velvet puffer jacket - Topshop
6. Red bandage crop top - Pretty Little Thing
7. Faux fur hoodie - Story of Lola

Hooray for sports luxe!

Nic x



As ~lame~ as it sounds, I feel like I'm on a bit of a style journey at the moment. Since I first discovered my love for fashion I've gone through so many phases, but recently I've found myself toning it down a little bit and buying more key investment pieces. I suppose I'm growing up (lame), so I want to look a bit more stylish and a bit less like a walking rainbow! 

One thing that I'm really into right now though is stripes. I got this cute, stripey French Connection t-shirt via Love the Sales, who hook up fashion lovers with designer bargains. There's French Connection with up to 83% off, Moschino with up to 80% off and House of Holland with up to an insane 90% off! So check it out if you need some designer in your life.

I also wore my new stripey pumps from ASOS which I just think are so adorable! Whenever I've bought ASOS shoes in the past they've really rubbed my feet, but these are surprisingly comfortable so well done ASOS! 

Denim Jacket - Vintage

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No, I haven't been kidnapped or gone on the run to avoid my adult responsibilities. I am alive and I am very sorry for not blogging very much. It's so hard to find the time to do it these days *sobs*. 

I feel like my style has evolved a bit recently. I have found myself moving away from pastels and sparkles, and obsessing over sock boots and culottes instead. I don't know whether this is a good thing, I think I look pretty cool in my new garms though, (can't believe I just said 'garms'). Which brings me onto today's outfit. It's quite rare that I feel my entire outfit is on point (can't believe I just said 'on point') but I really love everything about this look. I've never really owned any yellow clothes before but this skirt from Zara just jumped out at me whilst I was browsing their website. I feel like a little ray of sunshine. 

I also FINALLY received this amazing jacket by Valfré. Shipping took ages and I had to pay customs but it was so worth it. Satin bomber jackets are everywhere at the minute and I like this edgier take on them. You can't see it in these photos but the lining inside is pale pink which also makes me very happy. And how gorgeous are these boots? I own a tonne of black boots but these little babies were in the ASOS sale and I just fell for them straight away. Life is good!

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I have so many bags that I don't know what to do with them, but the lovely people of Accessorize offered to send me a new bag as part of their #IfIWasABag campaign and it was an offer too good to refuse. I chose this floral bag because my inner 5-year-old is still entertained by bright colours. And who doesn't like flowers? I am quite (very) lazy and I cba swapping all my stuff from bag to bag all the time so I have taken this thing literally everywhere with me for the last few weeks. As for what's actually in my bag, it turns out that it's not much. After wading through the broken lighters and Asda receipts, I concluded that the only things worth showing you guys (or acceptable to show you guys) are my purse, phone, sunglasses and lipstick. How boring.

Purse - Skinnydip London

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Plaid shirt - Vintage (Depop)
Camo jacket - Vintage (Depop)

Some people would cringe at the thought of matching a pink and yellow plaid shirt with a camo jacket. I say why the f*ck not?! I am all about mixing clashy prints and patterns. I love the way that two patterns can offset each other to create a really unique look!

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to throw any old crazy patterns together. But if you're slightly more reserved on the kooky clothing front, here is my worldly advice:

1. Mix a big pattern with a small pattern. Two big patterns together and you run the risk of looking like a 90's, children's TV presenter. No thanks.

2. Keep to a consistent colour palette if you don't want to look too 'out there'. I'm thinking monochrome florals with some black and white stripes for chic workwear vibes.

3. Florals on florals have a YES from me!  Florals for spring are so overdone, but florals on florals? New territory to explore. 

4. Mix vintage pieces for a retro or grunge-y vibe - à la me!

What do you think about clashing outfits? Comment and let me know!

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I constantly have a string of pages open in the browser on my phone so that I can lust over all the clothes that I want whenever I have a spare five minutes. I obsessively add up the prices and (nearly) cry when I have to face the fact that I will probably only be able to buy one or two things this month. What's the deal with being an adult? Do I HAVE to pay the rent this month, Mr Landlord? And why should I pay for water when 71% of the Earth is covered in it? And who knew that council tax was a thing? Why do some people have outie belly buttons? Why didn't Tarzan have a beard? These are all important questions.

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Hi guys! Something a bit different for you here. I have had the same hair straighteners for years, and those ones were kindly donated to me by my boyfriend's mum when my previous straighteners broke and I couldn't afford to buy any new ones! So when Irresistible Me contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their Diamond Hair Styler, of course I said yes! And I just want to say that this review is my honest opinion, I would not lie to you guys!

I will be completely honest, I hadn't heard of this brand before as I believe they are an American brand, but I have to say, I am impressed! The straighteners arrived very quickly and came in a super sleek box. I had to wait a few days to use them as I had to go out and buy a travel adapter for the plug! But it was worth the wait. These are 100% the best straighteners I have ever used, and this is coming from someone who steals her mum's GHDs at every opportunity. 

As you can see from the before and I after photos above, my unstraightened hair is an utter disaster! It's crazy frizzy and has bizarre layers sticking out all over the place (never go to Supercuts!) but these straighteners were able to tame my locks with one swoop. And they make my hair SO shiny! It's not just the flash from my camera, they really do make my hair that sleek, even on a low setting! You can select your temperature to anything up to 230C, and they literally heat up in like 10 seconds which is amazing when I'm in a rush to get ready for work in the morning. And they automatically turn off after 30 minutes which is great because I am SO forgetful and I always panic that I've left things turned on!

Overall, I am SO glad Irresistible Me got in touch with me about this product. If you're looking for a super high quality straightener for a lower cost than other high-end brands, check out their website. I have literally recommended these straighteners to everyone I know. It's not very often that I gush over things like this but trust me, if you buy these, you will NOT be disappointed!




These photos were taken on Valentine's Day when me and my lovely boyfriend went on a walk to our local forest. On reflection, I don't know why I wore shorts, I was so cold! They are adorable shorts though, I got them on eBay for £1.50 - another vintage bargain! I also wore my Topshop denim jacket which I customised myself with some cute patches that I also got off eBay!

Shorts - Vintage, eBay
Cropped sweatshirt - Jaded London (old)

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Hi guys! I absolutely love this outfit! The jumper and jeans were a present from my lovely boyfriend as it was my birthday last week, and the coat is an old one from Primark last year that I have started wearing a lot recently. It's so warm and it has massive pockets which are very handy!
Jumper - Minga London
Jeans - The Ragged Priest @ Ursa Minor Apparel
Coat - Primark (old)
Bag - ASOS
Trainers - Adidas
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Hi everyone! Just a quick post here on my new favourite item of clothing - this pink velvet crop top from The Ragged Priest! I've had my eye on it for ages so when it went into sale I couldn't resist, I do love a bargain! I also love anything made of velvet and the colour pink, I think it's true love. I wore it with my vintage jeans from We Are Cow, and I also wore my personalised mermaid necklace (last photo) from Punky Pins which was a Christmas prezzie from my friend, Steph. How cute is it!?

Jeans - Vintage, We Are Cow

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Hi guys!  My birthday is coming up and my boyfriend asked me what I wanted so I thought I'd make a little wishlist of things I've had my eye on recently! I don't want him spending too much on me so most of these things are sale bargains, enjoy!

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I nearly froze to death taking these photos for you guys so I hope you like them! I've been looking everywhere for a cute outfit for my upcoming birthday and I was just browsing Attitude Clothing's website when I saw this faux zebra fur skirt by The Ragged Priest... it was love at first sight! I haven't decided what I'm going to wear it with yet but I will have to do a post on my birthday outfit nearer the time! I also wore this cute pastel jumper from Shein, and this pink faux fur scarf from Ark which I''ve had my eye on for ages and is now only £4 in the sale!! 

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