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Plaid shirt - Vintage (Depop)
Camo jacket - Vintage (Depop)

Some people would cringe at the thought of matching a pink and yellow plaid shirt with a camo jacket. I say why the f*ck not?! I am all about mixing clashy prints and patterns. I love the way that two patterns can offset each other to create a really unique look!

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to throw any old crazy patterns together. But if you're slightly more reserved on the kooky clothing front, here is my worldly advice:

1. Mix a big pattern with a small pattern. Two big patterns together and you run the risk of looking like a 90's, children's TV presenter. No thanks.

2. Keep to a consistent colour palette if you don't want to look too 'out there'. I'm thinking monochrome florals with some black and white stripes for chic workwear vibes.

3. Florals on florals have a YES from me!  Florals for spring are so overdone, but florals on florals? New territory to explore. 

4. Mix vintage pieces for a retro or grunge-y vibe - à la me!

What do you think about clashing outfits? Comment and let me know!

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