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Okay so I haven't blogged in forever and that's because I've been having a bit of a style identity crisis. I used to be a pastel princess but now I'm channeling grunge x Sporty Spice vibes, and to be honest, I'm loving it. So with that in mind, I'm going to outline my new wardrobe staples, and the beautiful garments of dreams that are currently on my mental wishlist.

Behold the 5 items of clothing that I've been wearing on loop for the past month or two. Numero uno is my Fila bodysuit which I am 100% in love with. I've lost a bit of weight recently and I feel super confident now so I'm all about figure hugging clothing. It literally goes with everything! Number two is my amaaaaaaaazing new dress from Lazy Oaf. I might not be a pastel princess anymore but I will always have unlimited love for the Oaf. And this dress is kinda grunge-y anyway so it's cool. Thirdly is this gorgeous pair of high-waisted velvet leggings. Absolute. Must. Have. Number 4 is this super cute, sporty crop top, and finally we have the classic Adidas midi dress, as seen on Gigi Hadid I'll have you know!

So now that's out of the way, let's move on to my wishlist. As you can probably tell, black is my favourite colour now, but I'm also really into nudes, metallics and khakis too. I promise I haven't turned boring, just a bit more subtle.

The first brand I must mention is Manière De Voir - super cool brand who are surprisingly affordable and rather Kardashian-esque - think nude, mesh gym leggings with matching hoodies. Everything from their Activewear collection is literally to die for. I'm also reaaally into my branded sportswear now, and Asos have some perfect pieces. I don't know why but I seem to have taken quite a liking to Fila recently, how insane are these dungarees though?! And finally, it wouldn't be a wishlist unless there was at least one mention of the big T. Yes, Topshop. I've actually just ordered this incredible velvet puffer jacket. I already own about 20 coats and jackets but yano, one more won't hurt.

1. Nude mesh gym leggings - Manière De Voir
2. Nude mesh hoodie - Manière De Voir
3. Fila crop top - Asos
4. Fila dungarees - Asos
5. Velvet puffer jacket - Topshop
6. Red bandage crop top - Pretty Little Thing
7. Faux fur hoodie - Story of Lola

Hooray for sports luxe!

Nic x